Annual Shutter Maintenance Program

Protect Your Hurricane Shutter Investment!

Our Annual Maintenance Program is the the time- and storm-tested PROVEN way to keep your shutters in top shape, avoiding costly unexpected repairs, and ready for use when you push the switch.

This program consists of two key components:

  1.  On-site inspection of your shutters (including inspection and recalibration of motors)
  2. Warranty coverage (parts AND labor) for an entire year!

Stay Protected

This program is the only way to keep parts and labor coverage on motor-driven shutters older than 5 years (for the original purchaser), and the only means of protection for shutters purchased already installed on a home.

After we perform the on-site work, your shutters will operate more smoothly, more reliably-and with no unwanted surprises during the year! In the unlikely even that you experience a problem, just give us a call-we will perform any needed adjustments at no cost!

Act NOW!

We will be starting this service in the next few weeks in order to be fully ready by the start of the busy rental season. We must hear from you in order to prepare a quote based on your unique situation. Call us at (251) 943-4720, or email us at: Our prices have remained unchanged from last year.

Please review the important information below. We hope to hear from you very soon!

How We Perform Annual Services

  1. Repair any obvious shutter defects
  2. Thoroughly clean all exposed surfaces, top to bottom
  3. Open service panel, inspect function of all mechanical parts of the shutter; thoroughly remove debris and clean thoroughly
  4. Inspect function of motors and adjust motor stops
  5. Apply lithium grease to gears and bearings as needed
  6. Clean and lubricate side tracks
  7. Touch up caulking as needed
  8. Replace bottom slat weatherstripping as needed

Shutter Refinishing With The Versacoat System

Many of you have approached us over the years asking what can be done to refinish shutters that have begun to show signs of aging: paint chalking, peeling, cracking, delaminating, etc.

In association with Sealmark Coatings, Inc., a recognized leader in waterproofing coatings, we have developed a three-coat in-place process to return your shutters to a very pleasing, matte finish.



Did you buy your valuable Roll-a-way hurricane shutters from Roll-a-way, Distinctive Products, Gulf Hurricane Shutters, or Easy Shutter Services? Seem confusing? It’s actually more simple and will remain simple!

As of December 1, 2016, Easy Shutter Services has been named the AREA EXCLUSIVE DEALER for Roll-a-way Shutter Sales, Installation and Service in recognition of our years of work with Roll a-way and the quality and consistency of our sales & installation team. QMI (the US parent company of Roll-a-way) has given us the name “GULF COAST ROLL-A WAY”

While this is a great development for us – and for you – nothing really has changed. Even though our ownership has changed over the years, the heart and soul of our company has remained remarkably constant: Willy Daigle – in addition to being the current President of Gulf Coast Roll-a-way – also coordinates and approves every hurricane shutter installation. With over 17 years’ experience in the hurricane shutter industry, Willy works diligently with job supervisors (each of whom has over 10 years’ shutter installation experience) to make sure that the installation is done right!