Fabric Windscreen Shutters


One of the newest advances in the storm protection industry is the use of flexible fabric materials to protect windows and doors against storm forces. We at Easy Shutter Services offer several types of fabric systems that have been tested and approved for use as hurricane-rated storm protection.

The simplest systems – direct mount fabrics – consist of the windscreen itself and simple attachments (threaded studs or receptacle) that remain attached to the structure of the home. The wind screen is then secured in place just prior to a storm using wing nuts or sidewalk bolts, depending on the type of fastener. This system is chosen for low cost, minimal aesthetic impact, ease of deployment and convenient storage. We offer various fabrics, including ones made from ballistic nylon (AstroGuard), basketwoven polypropylene (StormCatcher), and cast PVC (Fabric Shield from Wayne Dalton), and Polypropylene (GPP Enterprises).

Windscreen Can Be Used in Motorized Rolling Systems – Daily Convenience!

Direct Mounted Wind Screen – Inexpensive, Easy to Deploy and Store

Primarily the woven polypropylene types can also be supplied as rolling screen systems that allow for manual or electric motor deployment, covering single openings or large expansive areas. These systems, which fall between accordion shutters and aluminum roll-up shutters in price, allow creation of balcony enclosures. Unlike solid aluminum systems, the polypropylene woven fabrics allow images to be seen through it, even when deployed. This allows extra comfort and privacy while using a deck, balcony or lanai, while not completely losing the view.


At Easy Shutter Services, LLC, we also offer a complete line of removable storm panels made from corrugated galvanized steel, aluminum or impact-grade polycarbonate (clear).  These mount conveniently into permanently attached track systems, or directly to the wall with PanelMate-type fasteners.

Storm Panels (Impact PC Shown Here) Attach Conveniently to Permanently Mounted Tracks

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