Bahama Colonial Shutters

StormSecure Bahama Shutters Add an “Islands” Flair to Your Home AND Protect Against Flying Debris!

When you are looking to add a decorative flair to your home AND protect your windows against storm forces, look no further than StormSecure Bahama and Colonial Shutters. Both of these shutter types are custom-made for each opening using tough, high-quality extruded aluminum louvers and rails. Properly designed and installed, these shutters not only beautiful your home, they offer full hurricane protection, including passing the Large Missile Impact test.

StormSecure Bahama Shutters add a Caribbean “islands” decorative flair to a home. In addition to hurricane protection, these shutters also provide solar shading (approx. 65% solar shading) and privacy. StormSecure Colonial Shutters add a traditional look to a home, and are available as single-leaf and bifold shutters (for coverage of larger windows). Both shutter types can be adapted to be deployed from the inside of the home, making these ideal for protection of windows on higher floors.

StormSecure Colonial Shutters Lend a Traditional Elegance to a Home, AND Provide Top-Notch Storm Protection!

StormSecure Bahama & Colonial Shutters are finished with tough, exterior-grade polyester powder coated finishes to any of the standard colors below. In addition, standard RAL colors are also available. These finishes carry a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, custom colors in standard polyester finishes and super-durable powder finishes with a five-year warranty are available.

Both the StormSecure Bahama & Colonial Shutters are offered in lower cost, non-rated versions, which can be used for purely decorative applications.

Decorative LouverLite Aluminum Bahama Shutters Combine Good Looks with Long-Lasting Integrity.

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